‘Macho’ Men Fail on Sun Care as Younger Generations Ignore Warnings

Research conducted on our behalf has revealed that messages surrounding sun care and the risks of skin cancer are being lost amongst the young. The poll of 1,000 UK adults showed that more than one fifth (21 percent) of 18 – 24-year-olds believed it was never important to wear sun cream in the UK, contrasting with just 5 percent of 35 – 44-year-olds, who appeared to be the best educated.

Nearly one half (44 percent) of men confessed to getting sun burn at a sporting event or music festival in the UK, compared to just one third of women. Similarly, twice as many men than women thought you never needed to wear sun cream in the UK (15 percent as opposed to seven percent). 20 percent of men also thought you could spend at least an hour in the sun in the UK without applying sun cream, but half that amount (11 percent) of women felt the same, showing far more men than women are not acting on sun care advice and are increasing their risk of skin cancer considerably as a result.

As a result of our findings we have launched our new Solaveil Suncare app which alerts users when to re-apply sunscreen or seek shade and has received media coverage across the globe.

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