Celebrities with Sunburn

For all their fame and fortune, some celebs are rather too keen on being under bright lights when off the film set too. Our global map infographic shows the ‘hot spots’ where celebrities are most likely to ignore sun care warnings and turn an unhealthy shade of red.

Solaveil’s research amongst the world’s top stars has identified the reddest celebs and plotted where in the world they burnt, with the favoured Hollywood haunts of Miami, Barbados and the Californian coast clearly emerging as the prime ‘hot spots’.

Our unique infographic also rates these skin-scorching mistakes on a scale ranging from ‘sunburnt’ to ‘burnt to a crisp’ for each celebrity.

Whilst our Celeb Sunburn infographic is somewhat light-hearted, there’s a serious message that accompanies it, which sadly even some celebrities don’t seem to heed; regardless of how famous you are, you will burn if exposed to the sun without adequate protection.

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